This tutorial will show you how to use the library catalog to find full-length biblical commentary in books that are part of the collection here at Loyola.

Begin searching the catalog from the library's homepage.

Type Bible plus the name of the book you're researching plus the word commentaries into the text box.

For example, you might type Bible Matthew commentaries in order to find biblical commentary on the Gospel of Matthew.

Click Search.

Use the Initial Result List as a Pathway

From this list, all you want to do is find just one book that looks like what you want: a commentary on the book you are researching.

When you see one that looks like a possibility, click on the title to view its record.

Scroll down to the Details section of the record. Look for a line that reads like the one below, substituting your book for Matthew.

Bible. Matthew--Commentaries

This is the Library of Congress subject heading. The same subject heading is assigned to every book that contains commentary on the named book.

Use the Subject Heading to Link to More Commentaries of the Same Type

Click on that subject heading link. It will take you to a list that displays the total number of volumes in the catalog with that subject heading.

Use the filters on the left of that list to see only select titles. For example, you might filter to see only books published after a particular date or available as e-books.

Click on a book's title to learn as much about it as possible before you actually retrieve it.

From Catalog to Book in Hand

Look for the Get Item information to identify its location, call number, and availability. Use the Sign in link to log into the catalog and request a hold or an intercampus loan to bring the book to you from another location.

Congratulations! You've completed this guide to locating full-length biblical commentary in books.

To get additional help from a librarian, please select from the options listed at our website.