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This tutorial is a continuation of RefWorks Basics Part 1. If you have not completed Part 1, please complete that tutorial first.

What You Will Learn

  • How to create folders in RefWorks
  • How to add records to your created folders
  • How to export your bibliography

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Before We Begin

Please login to your RefWorks account.

If you do not have a RefWorks account yet, please complete the RefWorks Basics Part 1 tutorial first.

NOTE: The email address to login should be your email.

Folders: Creating a Folder

You can create folders in RefWorks. Folders help you to organize and manage your citations easily.

Creating a Folder

  • To create a folder in RefWorks, click on My Folders in the left-hand toolbar.
  • Choose Add a Folder.
Create a Folder option
  • Name your folder and click Save.

The folders that you have created will show up in a drop-down menu after you click My Folders.

Folders: Adding Records

Adding records to a folder is easy to do. In this example, we'll be using the two records from the RefWorks Basics Part 1 tutorial.

  • Create a folder named AI and Renewable Energy.
  • Click on All Documents in the left-hand toolbar to go back to your RefWorks home screen.
  • Locate the two references that you have imported from Part 1 of this tutorial.
  • Click the checkbox next to both references.
  • Click on the folder icon in the top toolbar.
 Add to Folder Icon
  • Choose the folder you've created under Add to folder dropdown menu. Click Apply.
  • Go to your AI and Renewable Energy folder to make sure both references are there.
NOTE: If you have multiple folders, you may have to scroll in the Add to folder dropdown menu to see all of them.

Folders: More Options

There are other options under My Folders in the left-hand toolbar. Hover over your created folder until you see three dots on the right-hand side of the folder name.
Other Folder Options

Which is available under the More Options menu?

Exporting Your Bibliography

It's time to export your bibliography from RefWorks!

  • Open up the software that you like to use, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • Choose the citations that you want to include by checking the box to the left of each record.
  • Click the Quotation Mark button.
 Quotation Mark Button
  • Choose Create Bibliography from the dropdown menu.
  • Click the Copy to Clipboard button.
  • Paste the bibliography into your document.

NOTE: Some software changes the formatting of your citation when you copy and paste. Make sure to double-check your citation's content and formatting with the style guide (MLA, APA, etc.)

If you aren't sure, always check with your professor.

Exporting Your Bibliography: Exercise

Wrap Up

Congratulations! You’ve completed the RefWorks Basics Part 2 tutorial.

To get additional help from a librarian, please click here or stop by the Information Commons 2nd floor Reference Desk or Lewis Library Reference Desk.

RefWorks also has a series of YouTube video tutorials you can access at anytime. If you're interested in the more advanced functions of RefWorks, please reference these YouTube video tutorials.


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