UNIV 101 Library Introduction

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In this tutorial you will navigate the Loyola University Libraries website to search the LUC Libraries Catalog, discover research guides and find librarian subject specialists. This box contains instructions on how to use the website to the right.

What You Will Learn

  • How to search the LUC Libraries Catalog
  • How to find research guides by subject
  • How to find subject specialist librarians for your major
  • How to get help

Use the arrows below to navigate through this tutorial.

Searching LUC Libraries Catalog

As a Loyola student, you have access to a vast collection of online databases and research tools. The Loyola University Libraries website is your starting point to access information through the library.

The LUC Libraries Catalog is the big search box in the middle of the homepage. It connects you to Loyola Libraries collections of books, ebooks, DVDs, streaming video and many of our article databases.

Let's explore some of the resources available.

  • Type food deserts into the search box and press Enter or click the Search button
  • Skim over your results. 
What is a food desert?

Access Resources through the Catalog

There is two ways to access the full text of your results.
1. For print or physical items, look for the link that says "Available at" and then a location. It will give you the call number, which is how you find the item in the stacks.
2. For online materials such as articles, ebooks or streaming videos, look for the button "Full Text Available" or "Online Access" under the title. The catalog will provide links to the database where the article is located. 
NOTE: Only click on the database links marked "Lakeside Campus." Undergraduate Loyola students do not have access to the Health Sciences Campus resources. 
Your Turn: 
Once you have the hang of how to navigate the catalog, feel free to explore with other search terms and play around with the filters on the right. You can limit by type of resource, date, library location, language and more! 

Finding Research Guides Part 1

Research guides connect you with information in a specific subject area. Whether your major is history, education or political science, there is a research guide for you!

  • From the results list, click on the Loyola University Chicago logo on the top left of your screen. It will direct you back to the LUC Libraries homepage

Your Turn:

  • In the Research Guides box under the big search box, click Select a Subject and choose a subject that interests you.

Research Guides

  • Click the link to access to guide on the next page
Most of the research guides will have a Most Used Resources section. 
  • Find the Most Used Resources or Databases section

Explore the guide to find other useful resources for your major.

Finding Your Subject Specialist

Librarians are available to help you with your research. Once you choose your major, you can find the librarian that works specifically with your subject area.

Your Turn:

  • Go back to the home page of the Loyola University Libraries website
  • Hover over the Help tab on the top navigation bar
  • Click Subject Specialists in the drop down menu
  • Scroll through the list and find the person that specializes in your major

Wrap Up

Excellent work navigating the Loyola University Libraries website to find research guides and a subject specialist librarian who can help you with your research!

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