Senn High School Research Guide

Open Library website in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

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This guide demonstrates the library catalog for these purposes:
  • To identify and obtain books of interest.
  • To identify and access e-journal articles.

Use the arrows below to navigate through the guide.

Start a Search

Begin here, at the library website. Type your keywords into the search box. Click Search.

Searching by keyword often requires much experimentation. Return to the search box to try alternatives repeatedly, if necessary.

Apply Filters

Filters create more useful results lists.

The filters are on the left. Some require scrolling to see.

First apply the filter for Resource Type: Books.

Now apply the filter for Show Only: Available in the Library.

Review the Filtered Results List

The results list before you contains print books.

Review it to determine which books you would like to see.

While Cudahy Library is closed, all books, regardless of location, must be requested using an online form.

After Cudahy Library reopens, books shelved in the main stacks will be available for you to gather yourself.

Request Books

Keep your search results open while you start a new tab and go to

Complete the form with information about you and information from the catalog record about the book you want to see.

You will need to complete one form for each book.

As the books you request become available, you will be notified by e-mail.  Books are held for 10 days after the notices are sent.  Please come into the Information Commons after you know the books you want are waiting for you.

Gather Books in Cudahy Library Main Stacks

After Cudahy Library reopens you may retrieve books from the main stacks yourself.

Use the instructions on your paper handout to guide you as you gather books in the stacks.

Start Another Search

Click the yellow Search button to repeat the search and clear the applied filters.

Apply Filters for Finding E-Journal Articles

Apply the filter for Resource Type: Articles.

Review the Filtered Results List

More can sometimes be learned about an article after clicking Details.

Link to the full text of an article by clicking View Online.

Full text access options are listed. Only click on those that are for the Lakeside Campuses or that do not specify a campus.

If you cannot access the full text, note the critical article information (title, journal where published, date) and ask us for assistance at the second floor desk in the Information Commons.

Capture the Full Text to Read Later

Save the full text to a flash drive or download it to the desktop and then upload it to an email addressed to yourself.

You may also print but this requires purchasing a courtesy card and applying funds to it. Refer to your paper handout for details.

Remember that we welcome your questions. Ask using any of the options we provide.