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 The Loyola University Chicago Libraries offer many resources and services to support your research, from robust physical and electronic collections to user-centered services and 24 hour/7 days a week research assistance. The Libraries' webpages are your portal to using our many resources. This guide is designed to give you an understanding of the general arrangement, pointing out major resources and services as we go.


Getting to the Libraries' Website.

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 Obviously, in order to use the Library services and resources, first, you have to get to the Libraries' website.  There are two ways you can do that:

Go to http://libraries.luc.edu in your browser.


  • Start at the Universities main page (http://www.luc.edu)
  • From the top menu bar, put your cursor over RESOURCES.
  • When the menu appears, click on University Libraries
LUC main page


Getting to the Libraries' Website.

2 of 2Now you should be at the University Libraries main page.  It should look similar to this:


In the upper right corner (in the red box) are the LUC standard links, a LUC website search box, and 2 drop-down menus. 

The menu labeled LOGIN gives you quick links to the most frequently used services at the LUC Libraries. 

The Library Links menu gives you links to the most frequently used resources at LUC Libraries.  Put your cursor over each to see what you can access there.

Most important, Ask Us

1 of 2No matter how much you may have used other Libraries, every library is different and constantly changing to provide more relevant and efficient service.   We hope you will ask us when you have questions or want to find materials and answers.  We provide several different ways for you to do this.  On many LUC Library webpages, you will see links like the tab on the top menu bar:

For Ask a Librarian.  From this tab, you can :

• Chat - this is a 24 hr/7 day a week, chat service.  While during daytime hours you will be able to ask the LUC Library staff questions.  If we are busy, you may be assisted by a Librarian at another Library or a commercial service.

Most important, Ask Us

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• Text - get quick answers to brief questions in your favorite text software during Reference Desk hours.

• Email - Ask more detailed questions in email format with this form.  Questions will be answered within one business day.

• In Person or By Phone - Find our locations, phone numbers, and Reference Desk hours.

• Appointments - Use this form to request an appointment with a subject specialist for in-depth research assistance, database training, or resource consultations. For a direct appointment link to Annette Alvarado go to bit.ly/LUClibrarian.

Go back to the Libraries' main page using the   button in the menu bar near the top of the page.

The Libraries' Catalog

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Now, let's look at the Libraries' catalog. There is a basic search bar for the catalog on this page.

 The LUC Libraries' catalog contains records for the materials the Libraries own, subscribe to and archive.  In the catalog you will find books, ebooks, DVD's, streaming films, images, journals, databases and more.  Also, we have included several article indexes (but not all) here.  If you do not find items you need in the catalog, check stand-alone databases or ask us!

The Libraries' Catalog

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Under this basic search are links to "Help with This" (more detailed information about the catalog) and the Advanced Search screens for more robust and detailed searching.

Be sure to check out the Using the Libraries' catalog Tutorial at http://luc.libraryapplications.com/tutorial/searching-the-luc-libraries-catalog

The Libraries' Catalog

3 of 3Under the catalog, basic search box is 3 white boxes.  These may be in different configurations, depending on your screen configurations.


1 of 2The first box on the left is for DATABASES.

  In this box is a list of the databases to which LUC Libraries subscribe.  Each alphabet letter represents the first letter in the database title.  So you if you want to use a specific database, click on the first letter in the title and look for alphabetically under that.  Since the Libraries subscribe to so many databases there are ways to narrow your hunt. 


2 of 2In front of the list, is the word ALL.  If you click on it.  This will give you the following choices: 
• By Subject - With this drop-down menu, you can see a list of journals by general subject areas.  For a more curated list, check-in the Databases tab in your topic's  Resource Guide.
• By Type - This drop-down menu allows you to sort databases by type, like Indexes, Video (or streaming movies), full-text documents, . . .

Go back to the Libraries' main page using



Research Guides

The middle of the white boxes is Research Guides.

The Libraries have so many materials, that to make it easier for you, the Libraries' subject specialists have collected them into these guides.  The Research Guides include reference sources, databases, and assistance on course projects, among other things.  Use the drop menu to select your area or project topic.  For example: If you are doing research on gangs, you may want to look at resources on both criminal justice and education. 

Look at a couple of guides to see the kinds of materials you can find.

Go back to the Libraries' main page using

Popular Links

1 of 2The Third Box contains popular, but useful tools for researchers. 

First, because of the large number of records in the LUC Libraries' catalog, searching can be inefficient.  So, the catalog has also been broken down into subsets for easier use:
• Books and Ebooks - search books, ebooks, and book reviews
• Journals - to search Loyola's print and online journal subscriptions. 
• Course Reserves - Look for materials your instructors have asked to be put aside for class readings or assignments.  Search by your course number (ex: SOWK 502 or ACCOM 101) and then select your professor's name from the list on the left.

Go back to the Libraries' main page using


Popular Links

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In the same box are links to heavily used Library services:

• Room Reservations - There are spaces in the Cudahy and Lewis Libraries and Information Commons w2hich you can reserve.  Click on the link and select your location to see what spaces are available for use.

• Off-Campus Access - When using Library resources from off-campus, there may be problems with authenticating your access, in those cases, use the proxy server here to establish your credentials.

• Worldcat - There are times you may want to look for materials beyond Loyola Libraries' holdings.  This is a database with holdings from Libraries across the United States and into other countries.  Library holdings include Library of Congress, public and corporate libraries, national and association holdings, etc.  Formats included range from print books to microfilm, to braille to Blurays.

Go back to the Libraries' main page using the button in the menu bar near the top of the page.


Libraries and Information Commons Hours

In the bottom, left corner of the Libraries' site are the days' Library Hours for the Information Commons and Cudahy and Lewis Libraries. 

Library Hours

Click on More for weekly, semester, and service desk hours.

Go back to the Libraries' main page using the button in the menu bar near the top of the page.

News and Events

Continuing the lower page space are tools for learning about LUC Library News and Events. 

Here you will see library news, promotions, and events.  Check out how to keep in touch with the LUC Libraries on social media or what classes are coming up.

Top Bar and Bottom Lists

1 of 2Lastly, there are the top menu and the bottom directional menus.  See the red areas.

These are mirror areas to lead you into more detailed descriptions of LUC Libraries' services and procedures.    Many of the things here are duplicated in areas you have already seen, except that you can get more details and get more specific information here.   Explore some of the areas to find a list of Library Subject Specialists, the Libraries' Mission and Vision, and much more.

Top Bar and Bottom Lists

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Please let us know if you have further questions by asking at Ask A Librarian or on the form on the last page.

We wish you a great experience here at Loyola University Chicago.




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