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Welcome to the Journal Article Finder Tutorial!

In this tutorial, you will learn: 

  • How to figure out if LUC Libraries has full-text of an article
  • How to search for a specific article through Journals
  • How to browse for a topic through a specific magazine 
You'll be asked questions regarding how you found the information requested. Please answer the questions and your answers will be submitted to Charles at the end of this tutorial. 
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Search for an Article

You just received a chat question from a student who is looking for an article their professor recommended to them. Here's what they said: 
Hi! I'm looking for an article from the New York Times. I'm not sure when it was published. It's about Trump and what sons are learning from him. Can you help me find it? I also need the MLA citation for it. Can you help me? 
See if you can find the article and the MLA citation and answer the questions below. If you're not sure how to do this, click on the right arrow below for directions and then return to this page to answer the question. 

Search the New York Times for a Specific Article

Follow these direction to search the New York Times 1980-current database.
  • Starting at the Loyola University Libraries website, click N under Databases. 
  • Click New York Times 1980-current 
  • In the search field under Search within this publication, type Trump AND sons AND learn
  • Find an article that relates to what the student requested and find the MLA 8 citation
  • Go back to the previous page and answer the question! 

Search for a Specific Journal Article

 You just received a chat question. Here's what they said: 
I'm trying to find out if we have access an article titled, The unimagined preposterousness of zombies in the Journal of Consciousness Studies. Does Loyola have access to that journal? 
If you're not sure how to complete this request, click the arrow below and follow the directions. Then return to this page to answer the questions. 

Does Loyola University Libraries have access to the Journal of Consciousness Studies? 


How to Search for a Journal

Let's get started!
  • Click Journals under Popular Links
  • Type in the name of the journal - Journal of Consciousness Studies
  • Check the results to see if we have access to it
  • If you're feeling very eager, feel free to see what libraries do have the journal through Worldcat (available through Databases on the library website) 
  • Click back to the previous page to answer the questions! 

Search for a Topic within a Specific Publication

You just received a question from someone at the desk. They are an education major and trying to find an children's activity about pumpkins in the periodical, Clifford the Big Red Dog. 

Does Loyola University Libraries have access to this publication? 

  • Do a search within the publication for pumpkins


Wrap Up

Great job! You've successfully managed to navigate the Journals feature of the LUC Libraries website! 

Please click the arrow below and fill in your name as requested and click submit. 





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